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Fay Meling von Moltke Pao

(pronounced “May Ling”)

Fay-Meling von Moltke Pao, R.TCMP, R.Ac., B.HSc., Hon.B.A., is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and member in good standing with CTCMPAO in Toronto. In practice since 2005, Meling combines classical and contemporary acupuncture techniques with Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counselling, and rehabilitative health exercises to provide comprehensive, gentle, and holistic care for the whole family. She works collaboratively with other health professionals to ensure each patient has an opportunity to heal optimally given the right direction and access to the best possible care.

A perpetual student, Meling also holds a special interest in orthopedic pain, neurology, women’s health and pediatrics and has trained with some of the top acupuncturists and health specialists in these fields.

In the fall of 2017, Meling completed advanced acupuncture certification in orthopedics with Dr. Poney Chiang through York University and is currently part of Dr. Poney Chiang’s research team at Toronto General Hospital.

She is also a student of Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, and is currently completing a two year training in classical Chinese herbal medicine (Jing Fang), as well as a clinical internship with her on neurological disease. Her most adventurous clinical experience to date was a trip to Japan in the spring of 2017 to further her studies in pediatric shonishin and Japanese acupuncture techniques to apply to her pediatric as well as adult patients.

Always keen to incorporate advanced technologies and therapies to address her patients’ health care needs, Meling has trained through Meditech Inc. in the use of their Bioflex Laser system and uses this form of laser therapy in conjunction with acupuncture which she has found especially helpful in treating concussions and acute and chronic pain conditions.

How did Meling end up becoming an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner?

“A chronic pain condition from an old sports injury in university initially led me to seek out acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The relief I experienced from acupuncture was so immediate and significant, that I was intrigued to learn more about this form of medicine under the tutelage of my first acupuncturist and instructor, Dr. Quanfu Zhou. During my studies, I gained a further appreciation of Chinese medicine’s complete and systematic approach to healing, and I am so thrilled to share this medicine with those I have the opportunity to treat. As a specialist in acupuncture with a particular interest in orthopedics and neurology, I am fortunate to see many people looking for more natural solutions for their health concerns, and feel very blessed to help others achieve their full potential.” – Fay Meling von Moltke Pao, R.TCMP, R.Ac

When not treating her patients or working on advancing the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meling can be found enjoying the great outdoors with her family. She loves to stay conscientiously active, travel to remote places, enjoy a hot cup of tea, play the piano, and write. A voracious reader and music lover, she always has a stack of books by her bedside table and can most recently be found checking out soundtracks of contemporary folk musicians or listening to binaural beats. 

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Roseline Lambert
Student Acupuncturist
and Administrative Assistant


Roseline Lambert is now registered as a Student Acupuncturist and is currently practicing under the supervision of Fay Meling von Moltke Pao, R. Ac, R. TCMP.
Originally from Quebec, she obtained in 2012 a Master’s Degree in Music Performance and was pursuing an opera career in Montreal, Toronto and Europe before her studies in Acupuncture. In 2015, after five months living and auditioning in Germany, she realized something was missing in her life. She wrapped up her things and returned to Canada. In the search of fulfilling a bigger mission in life, she decided to go back to school, moved to Toronto and started studying Chinese Medicine. She recently graduated from Eight Branches of Eastern Medicine with a Diploma of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

This enthusiastic young woman has been exploring ancient medicine and energy healing therapies for many years and has obtained her Level One certification of Reiki therapy in 2017. Her passion for natural healing is enhanced by her acute intuition. She loves empowering others to take control over their own health. Her great curiosity and creativity allow her to combine Medicine and Music, which in Chinese language is almost the same character. She is very interested in treating trauma, anxiety, depression, fertility, women's health as well as chronic diseases. Known to be a joyful person, she also enjoys working with kids and is planning on furthering her education in Pediatric Acupuncture.

Until she becomes fully licensed, she will continue to serve as the Administrative Assistant at Pao Family Wellness. She is more than happy to offer you an additional support in your treatment care with Meling. She will be assisting you in everything regarding reception, booking, payments, receipts or other questions you might have regarding the clinic.

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